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When it comes to moving pianos, we truly understand your sentiments! So let us focus on those main factors of price, hassle, distance, and more! Many factors affect the pricing of a piano move. Some specifics include the type of piano, how old the piano is, whether stairs are involved in the moving process, as well as the distance of the moving trip. Other complications include the weight of the piano and its components, as well as what combination of these factors exist in symbiosis. Typically, the longer the distance, the more stairs, the heavier and older the piano, the more expensive your total fee will be. However, rest assured. MOA piano movers offer the Tri-State area one of the most affordable and competitive pricing available! The fusion of our professionalism and affordability is what truly makes MOA Piano Movers stand out from the rest of the competition.
Maximum Trustability
Locally owned and professionally operated for over 25 years of experience.
Best Affordable Rates
Expert and cost-effective piano movers with no hidden charges and/or fees.
Fully Insured Service
Our risk-free and high-quality solution for world-class piano moving services.

Need Help Moving Your Piano?

MOA makes moving easy & risk-free

#1 trusted piano moving pros near you with over 25 years of successful experiences and valuable client partnerships

Conveniently located in Flushing, New York for unlimited Tri-State access, and more! Call for a consultation!

From grand pianos, upright pianos, to organs, we can handle and move every type of unique piano

Rest assured with our professionally executed disassembling and state-of-the-art wrapping

Take advantage of our affordable rates, more competitive than typical piano movers

Long distance, commercial, store, gymnasium moving, and many more

Fully insured and quality assured services

Temperature / Climate
Controlled Storage

Temperature fluctuations, moisture, and humidity are your piano’s worst enemy especially during inactivity and while your piano is not being used. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use our professional, dust-free, climate & humidity controlled storage services. Protecting your investment and instrument’s integrity is our main goal. The storage facilities we use are monitored for 24 hours a day with top-notch security. Latest tech to preserve your piano’s value.

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    Leave it to MOA’s professional piano movers to transport your bulky and fragile, yet valuable instrument in a safe and timely manner. We are licensed experts who are fully insured with a long 25-year history of reputable services.

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